Friday, 31 October 2008


Hello, just thought i ought to say im really sorry i was a pain in the arse today. I was ill, stressed and tired! as i know many of us are. i hope i didnt offend anyone, i honestly wasnt meaning to its just that i feel we have an amazing idea and really want us to have a presentation that conveys just how amazing it is! 

That aside im a little bit scared about mon, we have no real presentation, and need on get on it! i know we are going to try tomorrow, and anyone that cant make it please feel free still to give us your ideas on here or text us.

ill put some more info up tomorro but right now i need my sleep, i have declined all halloween parties im that ill and tired!

hope you have a lovely weekend and ill see you all by 9am on monday.....WOO 


the badge production line is and was amazing.

badge ideas.

This is supposed to be pigeon tracks, not convinced though! and the top is a shoe print. Ive done these from rubber stamps, thats why they are messy!  



these are a few logo ideas, i know they need working on but its just a general idea.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

that's us :-)

click P3 in the lift


I emailed a materials company today as follows:

Good Afternoon, Having found your website, I am very impressed with what you have to offer. I am emailing you with regards to an art project I am involved with, as we need a specific material that will allow UV paint to be transferable from the product to a pedestrians foot simply and easily. We will be demonstrating how journeys can interweave and intersect that will convey a sense of community within a city space. Therefore, the piece of material will have to be discreet, unnoticeable to commuters and that will not dry out the UV paint, ideally- it will preserve the freshness and retain moisture. Perhaps a large, thin sponge mat(almost similar to an ink pad?). the UV paint will be invisible during the day but very prominent at night when the UV lamp gets switched on. The project may will be used in conjunction with OneDotZero and the BFI. Please email with any further information. Thank you, Ben Parkin OneDotZero Workshop

Still no reply as yet but will chase them up as needs be.

Today was enlightening. I feel the progress we are all making is monumental as our belief in a core idea is thouroughly understood and acknowledged. I hope Friday will be equally as enjoyable as many things have to be done. The stop frame animation looks great- I hope we can fit in this with an equally impressive presentation in which im sure we can achieve. I beleive in this idea and after a few days of excitement and an extremely educational experience- I dont see why it would'nt be a success. After speaking to a few people after you guys left, this became apparent. ROLL ON FRIDAY!

Thur recap by Milos

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what i feel what has changed/improved since Wed:
Name of our project - manoeUVre
Description of our project: day...don't remember the rest :-) neither does Ben.Anyone?help
Site/1st venue: Trafalqar Square, London
Materials: translucent UV paint in different colours, UV lights, mats to serve as paint reservoirs
Promotional materials: badges, screen on trafalgar sq with live cctv streaming displaying areas 'affected' by ManoeUVre, www feeds for people to watch their day movement through the city, facebook, blogger

Lots of work 2morrow, i hope they will deliver the paint we ordered in early am on Fri, so we can do real scale test in P3. Preparing for presentation 2morrow

Thur - The site No1 - Trafalgar Sq

Thur - serious testing - amazing images

Thur - serious testing - amazing images


Today i feel enthusiastic and excited! I think we have a direction and its a good one! also it was amazing fun to do the uv foot prints at the end! (sorry for those who missed out!) hope the results are good, and beryl's hand wasnt ruined for nothing! 
Im thinking tomorrow is going to be a hard day, we all need to be focused! 
Right....badge-it-tastic! after the fun of the uv me and steph went to toys'r'us to buy a badge it for the presentation/ example hand outs. We regret this alittle as it was a little bit of a mission! however i did burn off the unnecessary chocolate muffin i had earlier! Firstly we had to wait for the bus and due to it being rush hour they were all heaving, so we had to let one go. Then we foolishly got over excited at the sight of tesco and therefore got off the bus two stops too early. so after a visit to a 99p shop we found that it was 'a ten minute walk' (lies) felt like more! but eventually finding it we headed in. We were greeted by two women telling us we couldnt take our bags in. and due to the fact we had our laptops on us we weren't too sure about leaving them. But we risked it for the group! So we soon found badge-it! amazing! and some refills so we have enough supplies for 75 badges ( i think) with a variety of sizes including square! plus we invested in some uv pens (we think, as they are from a secret diary kit! ). Then we back tracked on our selves and went down a dodgy dark alley/road to get to staples to by some fluorescent paper for the badges. 
After this we thought we would walk home......mistake. it took forever, we started walking down a street we thought we knew hoping that we would eventually end up at home! looking back i think this was rather stupid as we were definitely walking through some interesting parts of south london/ Peckham with laptops ( but more importantly badge-it!) anyways we got there in the end! 
So now i am playing with making rubber stamps and steph is playing with the uv pens so we can come up with some ideas for tomorrow! 
im going to leave that there! sorry for the rant but i thought it was important to document the events! 
see you all tomorrow, raring to go!  

while walking in trafalgar square

i found it really interesting how barely anyone was paying attention to what they were walking on, even when they had to physically step up onto something in order to get past they did not seem to notice. this gives us more freedom when it comes to our designs and how we are going to disguise our ink reservoirs- i think it was beryl who initially suggested using some sort of sponge that people could walk across, i was thinking that could really work in a sort of inking-up-a-stamp way. this could also somehow solve our problem of having to keep the UV solution from drying out ridiculously quickly.

benches and lights that we could use in trafalgar square

unobserved floor furniture that could be utilised for giant uv ink pads

Trafalgar Square 30/10/08

UV bulbs

Link to UV tubes. 10 or more bought are at a cost of £6.95 each. Think we should look at how many we'd need and where/how etc...

Wednesday-UV testing