Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wed recap

I feel happy with what we achieved today. Love the idea. Love the fact we kept it simple. Simple and effective always works. Mapping pilgrim's movement in the city always interests all architects, so am sure we will win 'those kind of people' over :-) The site for our project - Trafalgasr Sq - is well chosen too. I believe the connection between our project and the National Gallery is very strong too. I am sure all visitors of the gallery would love to create some art after seeing the amazing art and right after when they walk out . All this with no effort whatsoever. Brilliant. And imagine the show every night when different art piece is revealed!

Aw btw, I placed an order today, we paid nearly £10 for an extra special fast delivery, so lets hope it works. I also wrote them (Glowtec) an email asking if we cld come over to collect our order and after i sent it i relized they r actually based in Bury. I was hoping it is close to London, but the map says its near Manchester - anyone up 4 a trip 2morrow? :-) just kidding
I also asked if they wld consider sponsoring us / giving us free paint, so lets hope they'll agree. I offered we would mention their name at BFI - 1.0 Festival. fingers crossed

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