Friday, 31 October 2008


Hello, just thought i ought to say im really sorry i was a pain in the arse today. I was ill, stressed and tired! as i know many of us are. i hope i didnt offend anyone, i honestly wasnt meaning to its just that i feel we have an amazing idea and really want us to have a presentation that conveys just how amazing it is! 

That aside im a little bit scared about mon, we have no real presentation, and need on get on it! i know we are going to try tomorrow, and anyone that cant make it please feel free still to give us your ideas on here or text us.

ill put some more info up tomorro but right now i need my sleep, i have declined all halloween parties im that ill and tired!

hope you have a lovely weekend and ill see you all by 9am on monday.....WOO 

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were great actually, no need to be so hard on yourself! x