Wednesday, 29 October 2008

general feeling!

Hi, Ive decided to write a general overview of how i feel at this stage! 
I hope we got the uv stuff sorted now, im up for paying now and then looking into things closer tomorrow incase we can pop out and get some to use tomorrow. 
That aside im feeling good. I know that it possibly seems like we back tracked seeing as we going with the idea that we came up with last night but after talking to steph we feel that we had to go through that process to get to where we are now. if we didnt follow the ideas through then wouldnt have felt like we had seen them out. (if that makes sense!) 
For me me the key words for today is simplicity. I feel that this theme ran through todays talks and then after speaking with lucy she confirmed it further. 
As human beings we are pleased by simple things, we are human and not technological. and i think that in life its the interaction with other people that make us happy, being with our friends and family, and this kind of links in with our objective to connect people brighten there day. Im not saying technology doesnt help our lives but sometimes the simple things are more effective. 
Sorry not meaning to babble, but thought it would be nice to get down what our feeling are. 
anyone else feel free to write there views down and by all means disagree with me!    

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