Thursday, 30 October 2008


I emailed a materials company today as follows:

Good Afternoon, Having found your website, I am very impressed with what you have to offer. I am emailing you with regards to an art project I am involved with, as we need a specific material that will allow UV paint to be transferable from the product to a pedestrians foot simply and easily. We will be demonstrating how journeys can interweave and intersect that will convey a sense of community within a city space. Therefore, the piece of material will have to be discreet, unnoticeable to commuters and that will not dry out the UV paint, ideally- it will preserve the freshness and retain moisture. Perhaps a large, thin sponge mat(almost similar to an ink pad?). the UV paint will be invisible during the day but very prominent at night when the UV lamp gets switched on. The project may will be used in conjunction with OneDotZero and the BFI. Please email with any further information. Thank you, Ben Parkin OneDotZero Workshop

Still no reply as yet but will chase them up as needs be.

Today was enlightening. I feel the progress we are all making is monumental as our belief in a core idea is thouroughly understood and acknowledged. I hope Friday will be equally as enjoyable as many things have to be done. The stop frame animation looks great- I hope we can fit in this with an equally impressive presentation in which im sure we can achieve. I beleive in this idea and after a few days of excitement and an extremely educational experience- I dont see why it would'nt be a success. After speaking to a few people after you guys left, this became apparent. ROLL ON FRIDAY!

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Milos said...

did u c the comments we got from other followers of this blog? people love it. All other students i talked to about our idea, thought it was great.