Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Monday= Daily Photo Journal
                  Recorded sound bites
                  All ideas online
                  Think ideas(pm) for city walk.
                  A3 paperback/drawings/news paper cut out college.

Tuesday= Practicing FLANEURS- wander through city,
                  obscene, listen, record, Leave @ 11.30am. Return @ 1.30pm. Define ideas. Return to location 7pm for filming.

Wednesday= Develop idea.......
                        Design....Draw...Process ideas.
                        Fit footage together. Refine idea. Visuals drawn/shown
                         Mock up idea.

Thrusday = Design....Draw....Process ideas
                      Continue experimenting
                      Define idea

Friday= Testing and Practise proposal for Monday.
               Meet with Rachel.
               Produce final delivey. ie Computer presentation sound etc.

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