Friday, 7 November 2008

continued synopsis

manoeUVretitle.psd‘Maneouvre’ is an event that literally maps the different paces of life within a busy, populated city to reveal the ghost of the day’s commuters.


The anonymity of many interwoven journeys become exposed through the use of Ultra-Violet light that is entirely transparent when in day light, and remarkably visible when in darkness.


This allows the transition of day to night to become magical, utopic and creates a spectacle in which identifies how lives interact and play together within a large-scale community consisting of members that may not even know each other.


The pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, tourists and pigeons all become a part of the artwork that challenges how the masses perceive each individual.


The beauty of the idea is that there are many levels to understand the work, and there are many possibilities to expand. Ultra-Violet paint will be placed on all exits and entrances around Trafalgar Square on a large inkpad like material that when walked on, will transfer non-toxic, water based acrylic Ultra-Violet paint that will be spread all over the surrounding areas.


When large Ultra-Violet lights are switched on around the area, the day’s events are presented in a colorful and engaging manner.

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