Thursday, 6 November 2008


Today it was the 3rd time i had present our proposal..i keep showing them (others tutors, students, people from bussines...) our blog and you-tube gets embaracing..we need a proper profesional slideshow asap

And another thing is: our proposal is not interactive in any there any way we cld make at least 'turnign the UV light on' interactive? perhabs a sensor detecting movement or something else which wld trigger the uv lights?


kate salt said...

Yeah we need to do the presentation asap.

im liking the idea of making it interactive but not sure have the time to do it!!

are you cool to meet up on sunday evening? i get to victoria at 6.20pm, so after that time please!
where would be best to meet?

Milos said...

we can go to my uni to studios or..donno..