Monday, 10 November 2008

Hey guys,

So all that can make tomorrow please comment below and let everyone know as it is all a bit unclear. I will be at Marylebone from half 10 getting on with everything. Please get hold of people that may not receive this blog as it is crucial we all know where people are regards to what we are doing. I received emails from helen priestly- the exhibition organizer:

Hi Ben,

Really sorry but onedotzero have been really strict and now there will only be one projector with all the cascade projects being looped....has sophie not explained this?So your idea for the UV footsteps sounds great but there will be no specified space for that...but when you have your presentation during the day you could show it then?

We are setting up the exhibition this thursday so on the day all groups must bring their 5 A3 sheets of their work. You must arrive at the BFI at 10.30am..there is only one day to set up the whole exhibition. The details for formats etc, are in the attachments, (1 sheet is for the synopsis and the other four are anything you think is relevant to your work, ie sketches, models, images, text. Its very important you bring this work. We will then display it on the wall. If you have any questions just email me.
See you all on Thursday!
Exhibition Team

Dont know what you guys make of that- i dont!!

how is everyone feeling?



kate salt said...

Well thats thrown a spanner in the works!! im really confused as to what we are to have....
Ill be at baker street around half ten too tomorrow but do you know how i can get in?? milos gave me his friends card last time!! also where are you planning on working?

Ben said...

Well we could work anywhere, but Milos has all works in his studio at marylebone i.e. UV paints, light and paper etc..... I think youd be able to get in with me if a speak to reception. its worth a try- if not we could just go anywhere!!

Milos said...

you gonna kill me but my studio group is meeting in east london 2morrow in 1 of the warehouses there. i am not going to be at wmin nearly all day. having said that i will try and leave there as soon as i can, but prob not before lunch time. i can give u a code for my locker and explain to u on the phone where the locker is located. there is roll of paper (but bad quality) and uv light. I was so stupid and took the uv paint home with me. we need to get gd quality a3 paper then, if they want a3. if u guys cld start on power point that wld b great and we will do 1 a3 page with fotprints when i arrive. lets forget the big footprint test then

Ben said...

ok cool- Kate, lets meet in central london if its any easier in a cafe or something where there is wifi. We could then meet milos after he is finished?you bastard milos....(joke!)

Stephanie Kirchem said...

that is really confusing! did they mention the a3 paper before? it is REALLY frustrating that i cant be there tomorrow but i am so far behind with college work i really cant afford to miss another day! my tutor already extended one deadline so i could concentrate on this so i really cant push it... let me know how i goes!

Stephanie Kirchem said...

also we have to be in at 10.30 on thursday? werent we told later? i HAVE to be in college tuesday wednesday thursday this week but i swear it said that we had to arrive at the bfi on thursday afternoon and i thought i might be able to get away from college by then. i am very very confused.

kate salt said...

WHERE AM I MEETING BEN??? im still at home cos hes not replying to my text!!