Friday, 7 November 2008

i love Ben's synopsis..nobody cld explain our project better ;-) Do you think it is worth to add that when the rain comes it washes off the 'past?' mayb not. many people where wondering what happens after...

Yesterday after presenting our proposal to another group of people i got an interesting feedback from an architect saying that an interactive element (which we r missing in response to Jason Bruges work) does not have to be immediate response to an input. It could be a delayed response(hours, days?)And also it wld b interesting if the output/response become input afterwards. he talked about creating a circle and about the end result not being lost after it happened. Not sure how we can use it..but i fouhd it interesting. i am just writing this to get our brains going again.
In the meantime here are sensors we cld mayb use (one or more of them): Touch and force sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, accoustic (wind, voice?)sensors, infrared sensors, light and colours sensors, passive infrared sensors (just like those in th loos which turn light on when u walk in) Could the badges have a micro-chip in them?we don;t have to make anything, just propose thinking hat is still on..

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Stephanie Kirchem said...

ok you say there is no interactive element but the public are completely interacting with this without even knowing and i think the simplicity of this is enough? i understand the idea of the interactive uv lights and i like it but i think in the presentation we should really get this unwitting interaction from the public across? it think it is an integral part of our idea and it obviously needs to be highlighted!