Monday, 10 November 2008

sophies email

New email from Sophie about thursday etc.....

hello teams!

hope you are well.

you are all the agreed team representatives for the cascade groups so below are details of the install and what is required, the bold text is relevant to you but it is good for you to understand the full picture of things: please communicate this to your teams and confirm to me that this is all fine - if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

schedule of install:

wednesday 12th  20:00- 23:00 ADRL(aa+chelsea) students and tutors to bring structural pieces, cyril and theo you will need to sign in at security to allow your students to come in and install
thursday       13th  09:00-23:00 chelsea students to come and set up the main space with signage - cyril again you will need to sign in to allow your student to get access
14:00 - 23:00 westminster students and jason bruges team to assemble intelligent version outside the delegate centre (dean this is a proposed time, it can change if you need) 
14:00- 23:00    cascade students to come to assemble their wall space and bring film content which will need to be burnt onto DVD derek + amanda to sign in students?
18:00-19:00 technical run through 
friday  14th 09:00-10:00 set-up
10:00-18:00 symposium

technology provided with proposed content:

1. main screen and projector with sound system - main presentations
2. 2 x sony plasma screens with DVD - chelsea citystates film + aa slide show i do not have headphones
3. 1 projector to hang from the ceiling onto the ADRL structure - this will be held in a cradle and projected straight down onto the structure as agreed - this will play the WP cascade project films and process slides
4. 1 projector running from a DVD - on a stand to project on the wall on the left as you come into the space - this will play the LCC documentary film of the whole process and project

each group will have an area allocated on a wall to put up any work that you want to show, amanda jenkins (camberwell foundation tutor) has all your artwork from the walls from P3, please contact her to retrieve your work.

 we need you to provide all your images as a movie and also any other films on the thursday so we can make a dvd of all 6 groups work in progress and process, this will be projected on the structure which has been created by ADRL students (see floor plan attached). this will need to be done on thursday. 

we also need you to send a small synopsis to rosie (cc;d here) of your proposal as the chelsea students are working on the signage

below is a schedule for the friday - please ensure your group will be there and also invite anyone who you think would be interested - tickets are free but need to be booked via the box office 020 7928 3232.

10:00  open and welcome
10:30  3 x cascade presentations (10 minutes presentation 5 minutes change over)
11:15  break
11:30  3 x cascade presentations (10 minutes presentation 5 minutes change over)
12:15 break
12:30 1 x ADRL presentation 
12.45 1 x aa presentation
13:00 1 x jason bruges + westminster presentation
13:15  lunch break
13:45 uncut screening + q+a
15:00 cascade panel discussion and debate
16:30 networking, music and free mangers cidre
18:00 close

each presentation will be 10 minutes including questions

look forward to seeing you all on the 13th for the set up 


Have a think and lets discuss tomorrow whoever can come!!!

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Milos said...

lets not make presentation longer than 5 min then! (to allow time for questions ;-)