Friday, 7 November 2008

Right sorry im in a rush so i only skim read your posts, but i like the synopsis. 

(have you got the internet now?)

Ill read more properly when i get to bristol tonight. got to go catch a coach now! 
Who can meet up sunday evening after 6.20? and where would be best?  


Ben said...

No havent got it- am at uni.
Sunday is the only day i cannot do as im having meeting with my film group for big project. Maybe meeting milos tomoro(saturday) for a bit. will post the one i send when i finish it.

Milos said...

Milos got a call from work he has to stay longer then planned..until 6.30 on Sat. Sun eve after 6.30 is fine.Or Mon before 5pm
Any chance we cld do this thing online? everyone does something and then send it on to next person etc