Friday, 7 November 2008

Synopsis for BFI

Hey hey guys,

Had an email from Helen Priestly(one of the girls doing the BFI space setup) requesting a 200 word synopsis and possible explanation that will go next to our area. With regards to the previous blog- yes we definently need a more professional video response, and am getting a good DV camera to do some stuff on. Am thinking a short experimental promo around the themes of 'connectivity', 'urban interaction' and 'colour'. I have done around 190 words for the synopsis- BELOW- but am not sure what to do about the interactive part that was mentioned. I think it would definately be a good idea. Perhaps have a motion sensor and a light sensor? When it gets past a certain light darkness, the motion sensor is switched on and when there is a certain weight reached(not too heavy), the street lamps are replaced with UV light? It would be advertised perhaps that there is a 'responsive' art piece in Trafalgar Square in the papers/websites/leaflets/badges etc? Perhaps a date on the badges when it first happens to start a teaser campaign?
Let me know asap people!!


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