Monday, 3 November 2008


List of things we have to do before the BFI (please add in anything else you think of)

Badges- professionally done? Anyone want to look into the practicalities of getting them done? Costing etc?
Source UV lights from somewhere?- kate and I were thinking of trying to hire out the lights from our college or possibly LCC? We could also start to research how expensive it would be to hire a UV light for one day (over night as well so it MAY end up being3 days? Possibly?)


I don’t know how much you lot are looking forward to the sleepless nights that are inevitable in the run up to this presentation but I actually actually cant wait. I am not going to be in London this weekend and I don’t think kate is either and we DEFINITELY do need to meet up to get this presentation perfect. I think we may need to meet up quite a lot and I know this is not ideal s everyone has other commitments but I am really excited about this project and feel the opportunities offered by this dwarf the negatives?
I understand that it was impossible for us all to meet up to do the last presentation and I know a lot of you would like to be more actively involved in the reworking of it and that would be really great and make for a more successful presentation!