Monday, 10 November 2008


Im not sure who is reading this, therefore im going to text/email you all too.
Me and steph are going to be at westmister uni all day tomorrow, milos is going to be around but has tutorials, and i think ben is going to be there too.
Please can you all come too, if you cant come during the day then come in the afternoon/evening. just let us know.


Ben said...

lets meet at half 10 there tomorow at westminster uni in marylebone for everything to be done!!

kate salt said...

AH half 10. ok, then can everyone keep thursday night free so we can have run throughs and do any last last minute things!

Stephanie Kirchem said...

oh dear i actually cant make it tomorrow daytime. very sorry but it turns out that college do actually expect me to turn up sometimes! very sorry but i am seeing kate soon so i will explain all to her then and definitely keep be up to date wiht the situation!! i can definitely do thursday evening though so i will see you all there and before!