Wednesday, 12 November 2008

rough draft script from kate

-Hello we are team five and we are a group made up of multi- disaplinaries students. We meet for the first time on friday the 24th October to work on the cascade project. These are our first thoughts when we were given the brief...
-sound bites.

-so once we had discuss elements of the city we as individuals would like to change we started to think about what we could do as a group to make the city a happier place.
-to help us work well in the team we created a blog, this meant that we were able to be in contact with each other even when we were out of the studio and also it meant that our research was all in one place. We had a daily polaroid at the end of each day so that we could reflect the days events and bring us together with something a little fun at the end of the day. Here is a short film reflecting how we got to our end idea and the ways we worked together as a team....

-The idea
-.....imagine a city under a glow of UV light, mapping the journeys from day to night.....
- ‘Manoeuvre’ is an event that literally maps the different paces of life within a busy, populated city to reveal the ghost of the day’s commuters.
The anonymity of many interwoven journeys become exposed through the use of Ultra-Violet light that is entirely transparent when in day light, and remarkably visible when in darkness.
This allows the transition of day to night to become magical, utopic and creates a spectacle that identifies how lives interact and play together within a large-scale community consisting of members that may not even know each other. Pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, tourists and
pigeons all become a part of the artwork that challenges how the masses perceive each
Ultra-Violet paint will be placed on all exits and entrances around Trafalgar Square on a large inkpad like material that when walked on, will transfer will be spread all over the surrounding areas depending on where commuters travel. Then when its gets dark temporary Ultra-Violet street lights will be switched on and the day’s events are presented in a colorful and engaging manner.
-Here is a video that captures the journeys at are made throughout london, showing how peoples connect and are merged together.

-The output
-The Ultra Violet paint is a non-toxic, water based acrylic and therefore its perfectly safe. It has a drying time of up to one hour and is transparent so doesnt show up unless under a Ultra Violet light. During the event we would have ink pad type mats around the entrances of Trafalgar Square, at the traffic lights and top and bottom of the stairs. These would then leave a light coating on the bottom of peoples shoes which would leave an invisiable trail behind them. During the event we would have to have an understanding with the council workers. The litter could be cleared away and the cleaners would have to continue as they would normally, as we want to create a true representation of the days journeys, but they wouldnt be able to wash or brush incase it would wipe the paint away.

-the conclusion
-The beauty of the idea is that there are many levels to understand the work, and there are many possibilities to expand the concept. We feel that if maneoUVre was a success in trafaglar square it could be used anywhere, it could get bigger to see how boroughs interact, different cities and it could even become global.

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